• Improved confidence
  • Improved Concentration
  • Improved academic performance
  • Reduced stress for reading & writing
  • Obstacles to learning reduced

A transformational movement programme to enable children with Learning Difficulties or Developmental Delay to achieve and become more confident

A daily programme of exercises designed to improve brain performance and create relaxed attentive pupils

Previous trials of the ACHIEVE programme for KS1 pupils resulted in:

  • Significant reduction in anxiety type behaviours of two boys with Autism. One, who had difficulty in new situations and would hide and cry, was able to play with other children
  • A child with ADHD problems, who could not sit still even to watch TV, was able to draw and write by himself
  • A four year old girl, who was incontinent and with very poor attention span, is now dry and confident to answer questions in front of all the class.
  • A child with mobility problems and very poor muscle control, who chewed his clothes all the time and used his 1:1 support as a prop, can now sit and play independently, can write a whole page by himself and does not chew any more.
  • A boy, who had a traumatic early life with his mother but now lives with dad, went in the space of 12 weeks went from being illiterate to reading at age appropriate level and is much happier
  • A boy, who was born very premature and constantly dribbled, made a dramatic improvement in his academic skills and became more relaxed
  • The programme is delivered for 15 minutes each day by trained and supervised Learning Support Assistants