Moving Minds Training Workshops

Ready For School

How Movment Can Assist Child Development and Inhibit

Neuro Developmental Delay  

For various reasons children are not moving as much. This in turn is creating problems with their readiness for school. Movement is at the very core of how children develop intellectually, emotionally, socially, and of course, physically. 

This workshop includes information from the programme on exercises and games for Foundation and KS1 pupils that develop the skills required for school.

The programme provides practical activities, well-produced videos showing the developmental stages of childhood, and comprehensive course notes of games and exercises ready for immediate use with children in a variety of settings.


Auditory Sequential Memory

Infant reflexes



Exercises and games that develop this most important skill.


Then children can hear multiple instructions and follow them.

How Retained Infant Reflexes impact on child development leading to develop-mental delay and learning difficulties

Which movements release Retained Infant Reflexes.


Children need to be able to read in a rhythmic pattern.

If they lean techniques to establish being able to do this with their bodies they then can move on to do it with their reading.

The development of coordination of the two sides of the body

The importance of hand dominance, with techniques to establish it.

The Importance of Movement in the Early Years