Signs of Developmental Delay

The following list gives signs which might indicate developmental delay and the presence of retained infant reflexes.

  • Difficulty being still. Difficulty with attention, poor concentration, poor short term memory. High distractibility
  • Difficulty with self-help skills, Poor organizational skills. , task organisation, communication, Poor manual dexterity. Poor pencil grip. Making mouth movements when trying to write or draw. ­­
  • Hypersensitivity to sound, light and touch. Motion sickness. Dislike of sudden and unexpected events and of change. General anxiety and or fearfulness.
  • Difficulty with catching a ball, Difficulty learning to swim, clumsy, falling or knocking things over. Falls without putting out hands. Difficulties in riding a bike.
  • Poor posture.  tending to ‘slump’ when sitting at a desk, leaning on things . Sitting in a ‘w’ position when on the floor. Low muscle tone, uses hand to prop up head,
  • Difficulty making friends? Difficulty with communication, withdraws 
  • Postural problems, walks on toes, floppy or tight muscle tone. Poor balance and co-ordination..
  • Delay in sitting and or talking. Littleor no crawling. Difficulty with balance and co-ordination, skipping, jumping, running, riding a bike? Movements lack fluidity?  Poor sequencing skills.  Poor sense of time.
  • Difficulties crossing the midline of the body. Using the left and right hands interchangeably for the same task. Poor handwriting. Poor expression of ideas on paper.

All of these signs and symptoms are suggestive of a delay in development. An individual may have them in any number; or, in any combination if you feel that this is the case contact Louise for a questionaire that can hep identify where the blocks may be.